5 Tips to Keep Your Chickens Warm This Winter


by Lisa Steele, Fresh Eggs Daily

Chickens, like most animals, do far better in the cold than the heat, but will appreciate and benefit from a bit of extra care when the frigid winter months arrive. Interestingly enough, heating your coop isn’t one of the things I recommend. Continue reading

The Value of a Gift From Scratch


What if you could give someone the feeling of a sunny summer day in an apple orchard as a gift? Or the warm comfort of your kitchen as the aroma of chocolate chip cookies drifts from the oven? Continue reading

How to Make Sauerkraut in a Traditional Crock


Homemade basic sauerkraut used to be a staple in every home.

As a society we have gone outside the home for most of what we need and want in our lives. Food, music, health care, clothing. It’s all acquired from outside of the family and community. Continue reading

2 DIY Non-Toxic Cleaners for Your Home


When it comes to a clean home and a healthy YOU, we’re all for leaving behind as many chemicals as possible. Here at Lehman’s, Replenishment Buyer Alyssa inspires many of us to take a hard look at our personal care and cleaning products – and simplify. Continue reading

How We Made Gourmet Coffee By Accident


So here’s how it went last weekend in my house. 

My husband and I are in the habit (good or bad, you decide) of setting up our electric coffee pot with ground coffee and water before going to bed each night. Continue reading

Fast, Yummy Apple Butter: Customer Shares Her Secret!


“Here’s a good, fast idea,” said the handwritten note. “Thanks.” This easy way to make apple butter (or sauce) came to us penned on a simple note card, via snail mail. We’re sharing it with you. Continue reading

How to Process A Pumpkin For Fresh Fall Treats


My daughter is in love with fall. So when we went to the local farm stand, she begged for a pie pumpkin. She chose a really good one. It yielded about 4 cups of puree so I can do a lot with it! But let’s back up a bit. Continue reading

A Butcher’s Secrets: How to Slash Your Meat Bill


These days it is even more important to try and save at the supermarket. Meat prices are soaring, and saving could mean survival – not necessarily in a life-threatening sort of way, but a penny saved will mean a few dollars spent on even more important things in your life. Continue reading